Writers Co-op

Welcome to The Writers Co-op at Umbrella Factory Magazine

Our mission at Umbrella Factory Magazine has always been to connect well developed readers to the best writing available. Our magazine has remained true to that desire. Ultimately, we began this magazine with readers in mind.

Literary magazines, especially small literary magazines have humble numbers. We published 2-3 poets and writers in each issue. We publish on a free internet platform to keep costs down. Our circulation is limitless. 

We have maintained a responsibility to our readers, but what about our writers? It goes without saying that at the onset of Umbrella Factory Magazine we wanted to build our resumes, enhance our CVs and create fodder for barroom stories. And we wanted at least two of those three things for the contributors of our humble publication.

The next step in the service to our contributors and editors is The Writers Co-op at Umbrella Factory Magazine. The main goal of this co-op is to provide the tools, the support and the community for any of our writers to bring their manuscript to market. In short, the co-op is how we will publish books. UFM is neither agent nor publisher in any official way and thus will not take any money, royalties or a cut thereof from a writer.

If you are a former contributor or editor of Umbrella Factory Magazine and you have a manuscript that you think may be ready for publication, send it our way (submit here) and let's discuss it. If you are not a former contributor or editor, please consider either submitting your prose or poetry or becoming an editor.