Pushcart Nominees

Since 2012, Umbrella Factory Magazine has participated in The Pushcart Prize by nominating one prose author and one poet annually.

2017 UFM nominees:
Patricia Warren “Hurricane Me,” Issue 30
Lucinda Watson “In Rome With My Dad on Business” and “Letter Yet Unsent,” Issue 30
2016 UFM nominees:
Carl Boon "Corridors" "The New Village Cemetery" and "The Loss of a Son," Issue 24.
Mark Aufiery “The Ring," Issue 23.
2015 UFM nominees:
Amanda Bales's "Walking Back" and "The Captain Views the Heavener Runstone," September Issue 21.
AN Block's "Tumbling Downward and Plunging Headfirst," December Issue 22.
2014 UFM nominees:
Lauren Yates's  "Fixation" "The Great Unwashed" and "Theatrics," September Issue 19. Rosa del Duca's "One of the Guys," September Issue 19.

2013 UFM nominees:
Alicia Lawrence's "To Tell You," "Osprey Overhead" and "Rain in Sumatera," June Issue 14. Michail Mulvey's "A Fist Full of Honey Grass," June Issue 14.
2012 UFM nominees:
Alisha Kaplan's “Mockingbird,” “The Dance Floor” and “Statues of January,” September Issue 11.
Justin Ridgeway's short story “Things We Remember When Shopping for Something Nice to Wear and It's Cold and We Just Want to Get Home,”  March Issue 9.