Jana Bramwell, Art Director
Jana calls Denver home between adventures.  Jana snowboards, takes flying lessons and develops her design business.  Jana specializes in logo design and branding and provides full service design from any graphic design project to digital media including websites. Visit Jana Bloomquist.
Janice ILacqua, Copy Editor
Fleeing her rural roots, Janice has lived in Denver, London, Tokyo, and Portland. Things that matter to her--adventure, kindness, commas, and knowing the difference between a hyphen and a dash. She helps writers polish their prose at the factory and incites workers of the world unite to find meaningful careers.
Anthony ILacqua, Editor in Chief 
Anthony is the author of two novels: Dysphoric Notions and Undertakers of Rain.  His official statement: "If you have to be chained to an institution, shouldn't it be of your own creation?" Meet him at his blog: Anthony ILacqua.

Former Umbrella Factory Magazine staff: 

Amanda Bales, Fiction Editor (Issues 8-16)
Amanda hails from rural Oklahoma and resides there once again. Her work has been nominated for the Best New American Voices series and has appeared in such journals as Bateau, Painted Bride Quarterly, and The Southern Humanities Review.
 Julie T. Ewald, Poetry Editor (Issues 5-18)
Julie lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and earns her keep managing Impressa Solutions, a marketing firm specializing in creating effective copy for web sites, blogs, and social media. Her present passions include learning Polish, planning adventures, knitting, and cuddling with her cat, Bunnybutt.
 Mark Dragotta, Nonfiction Editor (Issues 1-18)
Mark has been called a journalist, a waiter, a Phish-head, a Steelers fan among other things.  He's currently pursuing occupational bliss as a personal trainer. He lives in Denver, Colorado.  Meet him at his blog: Writing Life.