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Heart Murmurs and Nosebleeds is Whithaus's third chapbook. According to poet Meggie Royer, Whithaus' latest collection "is a soft and short breath of relief, full of reassurances to daughters, lovers, and family". Through her blunt yet lyrical style, Whithaus' third collection of poetry is full of love, family, and their overall importance to the human condition.

Melanie Whithaus is in the MFA graduate program at University of Missouri – St. Louis where she studies creative writing. She has been published with Umbrella Factory Magazine, Scapegoat Review, Luciferous webzine, Crack the Spine literary magazine, The Rusty Nail literary magazine, Palaver Journal, Journey Student Literary Magazine, and shufPoetry. She has three chapbooks: Enigma (2013), The Aviary (2015), and Heart Murmurs and Nosebleeds (2015) all through The Writers Co-op at Umbrella Factory Magazine. Her writing is known for its raw voice and her “no holds barred” style.
Also by Melanie Whithaus: The Aviary and Enigma

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  • ISBN-10: 1518798918
  • ISBN-13: 978-1518798917
Cockroaches and Geese is a collection of poems that are based geographically in New Orleans, Denver and Tucson. The storytelling within this work challenges effects versus causes and loneliness versus love. Many of the poems in this collection were written for The Sophia Ballou Project.

Anthony ILacqua's third novel Warehouses and Rusted Angels is forthcoming in 2015. His former novels, Dysphoric Notions (2012) and Undertakers of Rain (2013) are both published through Ring of Fire Publishing. He currently functions as editor in chief for Umbrella Factory Magazine that he co-founded in 2009.
Also by Anthony ILacqua: Undertakers of Rain and Dysphoric Notions