Julie T. Ewald, Poetry Editor

I didn’t start the Umbrella Factory; I just work here.

We don’t have an actual assembly line here, and we don’t want to publish pieces that seem like they were rolled off of one. We want unique voices, fresh ideas, strong viewpoints, and clear visions that offer the literary landscape something new and vital. We want to give like-minded people a place to present their work, to show that world something that is honestly, uniquely them.

I spent a lot of my life living in Milwaukee, WI--this isn’t my first factory job--which may have influenced both my work ethic and my views on literature. The area’s industry is still alive and well, but there are plenty of old brick buildings shuttered and rotting since my youth, now open again. But they are no longer tanneries or bottling plants. That city’s former industrial buildings are dance studios, black box theatres, galleries, and living spaces. As this change progresses, Milwaukee may soon be as well known for Santiago Calatrava’s breathtaking addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum as it is for Miller Beer.

The fusion of the old and new excites me--this applies to the urban landscape and to what I read. Redesign and revision keep the page and the marketplace fresh, new, and electrifying. At the same time, it is my conviction that innovation and experimentation advance and better both the written word and industry. That is why I’m here.

Welcome to the Umbrella Factory. Take this opportunity to build connections and community. Join the discourse between writer and reader. Appreciate the newness and urgency of the works we publish, often giving voice to new and emerging writers stepping out onto the vast American literary landscape. Know that by simply reading, you become an integral part of this ever-evolving art form. Please subscribe. Please submit. Please keep coming back.